CAPITAL PROJECTS: City Approves Flood Control Improvements

August 13, 2015 by Bexar Witness Staff

San Antonio City Council has authorized the city to go forward with one of the largest drainage improvement projects in the city’s history; the second phase of the Seeling Channel drainage project.  “The impact of flooding on District 7 residents goes well beyond inconvenience. In 2002, nine people died because of flooding and just this spring we saw millions of dollars of property damage in the Woodlawn Lake and Jefferson neighborhoods,” said Councilman Cris Medina in a news release.


“The Seeling Channel is a vital project to protect the homes and lives of San Antonio residents. On behalf of all District 7 residents, I’d like to thank my colleagues for voting to move this project forward.”


Phase II covers the Seeling Channel from 100 feet upstream of Wilson Boulevard to approximately 150 feet downstream of the Morning Glory Drive crossing. Improvements include widening the channel to 53 feet, constructing vertical concrete walls and lowering the bottom of channel by three feet.  Additionally, the existing bridge structures at West Huisache and Morning Glory Drive will be replaced, and streets will be realigned to accommodate the wider channel. The completion of Phase II will remove more than 100 more homes from the flood plain.



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