City Council Watch: San Antonio Proposes Annexation

December 9, 2014 by Bexar Witness Staff

The City of San Antonio has proposed an annexation plan that, if approved, would add 66-square miles and add nearly 200,000 people to the city limits by 2020. San Antonio City Council has heard recommendations from the City’s planning director, John Dugan and will be voting on a limited purpose annexation later this month.

Planning Director John Dugan
Planning Director John Dugan

The five proposed areas are currently within the City’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) in the I-10W corridor outside 1604, 281N outside 1604, I-10E, Highway 151 outside 1604, and Highway 90 at 1604.

Dugan explained that the proposed annexation would help the City to better manage protection of the Edwards Aquifer, manage zoning in rapidly developing areas along main corridors into the City, and would provide a $70 million net tax revenue annually by 2020.  The population increase, 1.8 million by 2020, would make San Antonio the 5th largest City in the nation. This statistic can be a bit misleading, implying that San Antonio is larger than areas like Dallas-Ft. Worth. When measured by Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), San Antonio is currently 25th and after annexation would remain outside the top 20 MSA’s in 2020.

The proposed limited purpose annexation, if approved, would extend some City Regulations, add no city services or city taxes and is a preliminary step to Full Purpose Annexation. Full Purpose annexation would be voted on in 2015 after regulatory and zoning plans, fiscal analysis, community meetings, and public hearings have been completed. Full Purpose annexations would have implications on residents’ property taxes. The City’s planning departments recommendation to the City Council was to approve annexation of I-10 West, I-10 East, and 281 North areas in FY 2015, followed by Hwy 151 and Hwy 90/1604 in FY 2016.

Concept Plan of Alamo Ranch, Courtesy SEC Partners
Concept Plan of Alamo Ranch, Courtesy SEC Partners


  • Richard Cash

    Alamo Ranch area residents I created this group in an effort to stop the annexation of Alamo Ranch by San Antonio. I would like to get the word out about this as we have less than a year to form our own city. Please join and share this link with as many friends and groups in the Alamo Ranch area. This group is only for residents in the Alamo Ranch area and surroungding communities.

  • lasvegascolonel

    I think the residents of Del Webb’s Hill Country Retreat would benefit from annexation, especially full annexation, as it would provide city services and though taxes would go up slightly, insurance costs would likely drop. Being part of the larger community (City of San Antonio) is a win-win. We would no longer be treated as a step-child.

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